About Steph and ACT for Ag


Welcome to ACT for Ag, where passion for both psychology and farming converges to cultivate resilience and wellbeing in rural Australia.

Meet Steph ...

A dedicated psychologist, a devoted farmer, a loving wife, and a proud mother of three beautiful boys. Steph's journey is an inspiring tale of the city girl turned farm enthusiast, on a mission to revolutionize mental health in the agricultural landscape.

Growing up amidst the hustle and bustle of suburban Adelaide, farming was a distant reality. However, life took a serendipitous turn at 19 when Steph met her farmer, now her husband, while working at a country pub in the city.

Fast forward several years, Steph finds herself at Worlds End, South Australia, managing a mixed enterprise farm - cropping and sheep - with her husband and their three wonderful sons.

Steph's professional journey is equally compelling. A Clinical Psychologist by profession, she stands as the proud recipient of the 2020 SA Agrifutures Rural Women’s Award and the 2021 Safework SA Augusta Zadow Award for her groundbreaking project - ACT for Ag.

Her dual identity as both a psychologist and a farmer uniquely positions her to comprehend and address the psychological challenges that the agricultural community faces.


Connection is Key to Wellbeing

In the heart of ACT for Ag lies the belief that connection is the cornerstone of building wellbeing.

Steph's experiences in farming, managing a family, and overcoming personal struggles, such as postnatal depression, have fortified her belief in the power of sharing experiences and knowledge.

This passion has driven her to craft the "Share it to Learn it" approach, encouraging participants not only to acquire vital psychological flexibility skills but also to share and amplify the impact within their networks.

Navigating Challenges with Psychological Flexibility

Farming life isn't just about reaping what you sow - it's a journey of navigating through rocky terrains and finding joy amidst the struggles. ACT for Ag's programs are rooted in psychological flexibility - a crucial skill that fosters resilience during times of uncertainty.

Steph's expertise, paired with her personal experiences, forms the bedrock of the workshops, seminars, and supervision programs offered by ACT for Ag.