Navigating the Rock and the Hard Place in Agriculture

Building psychological flexibility, one step at a time.


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I'm Steph, a psychologist, farmer, and the 2020 SA AgriFutures Rural Women's Award Winner.

My mission at ACT for Ag is to empower the agriculture community with psychological resilience, fostering mental wellbeing for a flourishing and sustainable future.

I strive to equip individuals and communities with actionable tools, knowledge, and support to navigate life's challenges .

Prioritising Mental Health
In Agriculture

Improving mental health is crucial for everyone in agriculture, impacting productivity, relationships, and overall wellbeing.

Daily Steps
for Wellbeing

We believe in taking daily actions that nurture mental health — small changes that make a big difference.

Share It To Learn It

Empowering Growth Through Sharing

At ACT for Ag, we believe that sharing knowledge and skills is a powerful catalyst for growth and development. Our unique approach, "Share it to Learn it," encourages participants to not only learn psychological flexibility skills for their own wellbeing but also share these skills with others—colleagues, staff, and the broader community. Here's how it works:

Learn for Personal Growth

Participants engage in our workshops and programs, gaining valuable insights and skills in psychological flexibility. These skills are designed to enhance mental resilience and overall wellbeing.



Apply Skills in Professional Life

Armed with newfound psychological tools, participants can immediately apply them in their professional roles within the agriculture industry. This may include managing stress during challenging periods, improving communication with team members, or making informed decisions under pressure.

Share With Colleagues & Community

Our participants are encouraged to share the skills they've acquired with their colleagues and community members. By doing so, they contribute to creating a mentally resilient ecosystem within their workplaces and beyond.


Multiplying Impact

The "Share it to Learn it" approach magnifies the impact of our programs. Each participant becomes a conduit for spreading psychological flexibility, influencing others to prioritize mental wellbeing.

Fostering Community Resilience

By promoting a culture of sharing and mutual support, we cultivate resilient communities that collectively navigate challenges and adapt to change effectively.


Sustainable Growth

Sharing skills ensures the sustainability of growth. The ripple effect of shared knowledge contributes to a sustainable cycle of empowerment and positive transformation.


Join us in embracing the "Share it to Learn it" approach—empowering yourself, your community, and the agriculture industry at large. Together, we can foster a culture of mental resilience and growth, one shared skill at a time.



Who is ACT For Ag?

Hi! I'm Steph Schmidt, a psychologist, farmer, and advocate for rural wellbeing. I wear many hats - a wife, a mother of three wonderful boys, and a passionate supporter of mental health in the agricultural community.

My journey - from suburban Adelaide to farming life - has inspired my mission to bring accessible psychological tools to farmers and rural Australia.

Curious to learn more about my story and the development of ACT for Ag? Discover my journey and how we're fostering mental resilience within the agriculture industry.

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