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A community of rural women learning to embrace the juggle farm, family & life

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We bring together rural women who are struggling with the juggle of farm, family, and life.



Farming life is amazing and challenging, rewarding and hard, exciting and exhausting - and all the things. 

Like you, we love our life on the land, but we know just how much we (and our relationships, farm, and business) benefit when we take steps to look after ourselves. 



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Why you should join?

In this community you will:

  • Be Connected with other rural women just like you, struggling with the juggle of farm, family and life
  • Learn practical, evidence-based (and paddock-tested) tools to manage stress and uncertainty
  • Let go of the struggle, embrace the juggle, find joy in the little moments
  • Be Reminded to take small steps towards who you really want to be
  • Most importantly, find a community of like-minded people who just get it

Love the sound of this - join us now!

This community is just beginning. It's a place where you will be connected with others who are also learning to navigate the juggle of farming life. Together, we will learn and apply psychological tools and strategies to help us stay on track, even during tough times. We will remind each other and stay accountable to practice moving towards what really matters most to us - even during tough times.


What is ACT for Ag?

The ACT for Ag community was founded by Steph Schmidt, a psychologist, farmer, wife, and mum - and above all, just a human being, trying to do her best in a tricky world. After winning the 2020 SA AgriFuture's Rural Women's Award, Steph developed the ACT for Ag program and toolkit - focusing on combining her lived experience of farming life and her knowledge as a psychologist - to bring simple, psychological strategies to rural people. In 2021, Steph was awarded the Safework SA Augusta Zadow Award, to help her develop the ACT for Ag program into a community of rural women and men who want to do better - for themselves, their relationships, and their farms.


Why ACT for Ag?

ACT stands for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (or training). Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is a science-backed approach to behaviour change which helps us to build psychological flexibility.

In a nutshell...Psychological flexibility helps us to adapt to challenging situations, unhook from tricky stories in our minds, and choose to do what matters most to us, even during tough times.

Psychological flexibility has been shown to be beneficial in every area of life. People who are more psychologically flexible tend to:

  • Cope better with challenging situations
  • Manage stress and uncertainty better
  • Have healthier relationships
  • Have higher quality of life
  • Have lower levels of anxiety and depression
  • Less work related stress and greater productivity and enjoyment at work

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Managing relationships, children, work, and business pressures. In farming, we face many challenges outside of our control – unpredictable weather, uncertainty in income, and expenses with changing prices for both our inputs and income. Every day we navigate the choices we make. When we are stuck on autopilot it can feel like much of life is out of our control, like life is happening to us, rather than by us. By building skills in psychological flexibility you can get back control over the choices you make, and the actions you take.


How to Join

Navigate for Her

Ready to let go of the struggle and embrace the juggle? 
Join us in Navigate for Her

Navigate for Her brings together rural women struggling with the juggle of farm,  family, and life to connect with other like-minded women. Together we are learning to let go of the struggle, embrace the juggle, and show up as who we truly want to be. So that we can enjoy the little moments, find ourselves again, and find joy on the farm and in our relationships.

Within this community,  you will get access to: 

  • Live monthly masterclasses with phenomenal rural women 
  • Live monthly "Ask me Anything" sessions with Steph
  • "Find your Feet" - a short program of video lessons and brief practices to help you find your feet in tough times
  • Weekly Walk Throughs - grab a cuppa and work through easy to apply tools to keep you on track each week
  • Little Rocks Reminders - evidence-based psychological strategies, broken down into paddock friendly tips and ideas - audio recordings available to listen on the go
  • Connection, Community and Belonging with other Rural women who just get it
  • The first 50 founding members will recieve your own printed ACT for Ag toolkit posted to you
  • As well as everything in the open ACT for Ag Community

In joining Navigate for Her, you will join other rural women who want to find the joy in the little moments,  who want to let go of the struggle and embrace the juggle,  who want to strengthen themselves so that they can find joy,  calm and beauty even during times of stress and chaos on the farm.

I'm in - connect me to Navigate for Her

Not sure yet, join the free ACT for Ag Community

You are welcome to come inside,  connect with us and share a cuppa.  Think of this as the lobby space to a really awesome party. If you're not sure yet whether you are joining the party or not, you can hang out in the lobby and join us when you are ready!

In the open and free ACT for Ag Community you will find:

  • Weekly reminders to stay on track
  • Free tools to help you navigate the rock and the hard place
  • Keep up to date with coming events in Navigate for Her - so you can join when you are ready
  • Be informed about upcoming programs and courses

Join today and have a look around


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Sign up for Little Rocks Reminders. Little Rocks is a weekly email newsletter full of goodness, tips and tools to help you stay on track. 

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