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Curated by Sarah Walkerden, the book includes wisdom 16 phenomenal rural women, we have created THE handbook for Rural Business Women.

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"Implementing noticing and acceptance skills (in relation to unhelpful thoughts) coupled with action towards my values has been a game changer for me to fine-tune how I cope during stressful situations"

Female June 2021 NAVIGATE TOGETHER Participant


ACT for Ag is all about building skills to help you take steps towards what truly matters to us, even in the face of challenging stuff.


    The ACT for Ag Toolkit includes: a handbook full of easy to apply strategies to stay on track; the noticing map and shared purpose map notepads to practice building your flexibility; Access to learning either via our live courses or prerecorded videos.


    Be reminded to stay on track via weekly sms or emails. Subscribe to the ACT for Ag community for monthly interactive webinars and a live Q & A/ discussion session each month. Sign up to a Navigate Together course to connect with Stephanie in a weekly face-to-face live zoom session. In a small exclusive group setting, we'll run through how to APPLY the theory in your day-to-day and start taking small steps towards what matters most. In addition, there is a pre-course video and additional resources.


    We'll provide access to a whole series of tools and templates that you can print time and again, or share with a friend or neighbour. You'll be connected with others in the ACT for Ag community as we all learn to navigate the rock and the hard place - together.



    Learn to unhook from difficult emotions and thoughts, zoom out and take perspective on tricky situations, and choose to take action towards what matters most to you. ACT for Ag gives you the skills to keep yourself on track - even when the road gets rocky.


    Together, we'll run through simple strategies to start to do things differently and begin to have a rich, meaningful, vibrant life – even during times of stress and adversity.


    In the same way as when you get some new machinery, or even a new phone, try these ideas on for size. Try them out for yourself and see how it works. This program will give you the tools to start taking action straight away, but you can also refer back to the resources whenever you need them.

IN CRISIS - contact 000 or Lifeline on 13 11 14

The information provided is general in nature, and the site and workshops are provided as an information resource only. This information should not be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. Please consult your own health care provider before making any health care decisions. The information provided on this website and in ACT for Ag workshops and courses is education training only and not a substitute for psychological therapy.

"After undertaking the ActforAg program, I feel like I've been given a road map to understanding triggers for stress or anxiety and how to take the next steps towards stopping these feelings from becoming negative actions. The tools and resources Steph provided not only helped me put my own triggers into words but also helped fuel some really important conversations with other people in my household about their own stresses in both on and off-farm situations".

Female June 2021 NAVIGATE TOGETHER Participant

MPsych (Clin), MAPS


Stephanie is a Clinical Psychologist and farmer in the eastern agricultural area of South Australia. She lives with her husband and 3 young sons on their farm at Worlds End. Steph is passionate about developing a resilient rural Australia, supporting individuals and communities not only to grow, but to thrive. Steph combines her psychological knowledge together with her lived experience of the challenges of farming life to provide accessible, easy to understand strategies to improve health and wellbeing for farmers and farming families.

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The story behind the logo

One logo, many meanings

Stacked rocks, or rock cairns, can commonly be seen on hiking trails. They are the trail markers to guide you to stay on track when the path may be difficult to follow. 

Finding the balance, we all have many rocks in life which at times can feel like a very fine balancing act.  There is no "right" way to find the balance,  but with small adjustments, we can find our own way. 

So, what do stacked rocks on a trail mean? Stacked rocks, more commonly known as Cairns, placed along the trail signify that you are on the right track. It is a marker guiding you to the correct path or trail in cases where navigation becomes difficult and the trail may be easily lost.

When you see stacked rocks on a trail, this means that you are going the right way and that the path you chose will lead you to your destination. However, it has become harder and harder to determine which rock piles are legitimate Cairns and which ones are made by other hikers just for fun.