Keep up-to-date as we release details on how we're using the Augusta Zadow Award to bring ACT for Ag to women and young people in agriculture across South Australia

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What you will get:

In the Navigating Together online course, you will

  • learn a framework to zoom out on your situation and choose to act in ways that move you towards what matters most, even during the tough times. 

  • learn skills to step back from the inevitable challenging stuff that comes up and to be able to show up as the person you truly want to be.

  • A hardcopy of the  ACT for Ag handbook and additional resources to keep you reminded and on track;

  • ongoing access to helpful tools, audio exercises  and the course videos; 

  • and ongoing connection and support from others within the ACT for Ag community.

Your Commitment:

Attend the weekly sessions - 4x 1 hour live sessions, plus 30 mins extra Q&A time, focussing on "share it to learn it" to help you introduce the tools to others. Each week also includes additional resources and videos to add to your learning.  

Put it into practice - the skills learnt in ACT for Ag will only make a difference if you practice them, this doesn’t have to be time consuming, but does require a small amount of commitment to start making changes, and accountability (which you’ll get in turning up each week). 

Investment: $499

Money back guarantee:

 if you get halfway through the course and you feel this approach isn’t working for you, no worries, we will give you your money back. I do  encourage you to give it a shot, some of the ideas may seem different or strange at first, but it’s about trying to do things differently than the same, stuck, rigid ways that we may have done things in the past. 

NAVIGATE for HER - March 2022

​Focused course for Rural Women. 90 minute sessions including 60 minutes interactive course content + 30 minute Q & A discussion, with a focus on "share it to learn it"


ACT for Ag is all about building skills to help you take steps towards what truly matters to us, even in the face of challenging stuff.


    If you haven't previously attended one of our in-person workshops, we'll post you out a hard copy manual, to support you as you work through the lessons.


    Connect with Stephanie in a weekly face-to-face live zoom session. In a small exclusive group setting, we'll run through how to APPLY the theory in your day-to-day and start taking small steps towards what matters most. In addition, there is a pre-course video and additional resources.


    We'll provide access to a whole series of tools and templates that you can print time and again, or share with a friend or neighbour.



    Learn to unhook from difficult emotions and thoughts, zoom out and take perspective on tricky situations, and choose to take action towards what matters most to you. ACT for Ag gives you the skills to keep yourself on track - even when the road gets rocky.


    Together, we'll run through simple strategies to start to do things differently and begin to have a rich, meaningful, vibrant life – even during times of stress and adversity.


    In the same way as when you get some new machinery, or even a new phone, try these ideas on for size. Try them out for yourself and see how it works. This program will give you the tools to start taking action straight away, but you can also refer back to the resources whenever you need them.

Watch Intro Video

Navigate Together Participant Feedback

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Feedback from previous participants

Navigate Together Feedback

June 2021 Course Participant

"After undertaking the ActforAg program, I feel like I've been given a road map to understanding triggers for stress or anxiety and how to take the next steps towards stopping these feelings from becoming negative actions. The tools and resources Steph provided not only helped me put my own triggers into words but also helped fuel some really important conversations with other people in my household about their own stresses in both on and off-farm situations"

Navigate Together feedback

June Course Participant

"Implementing noticing and acceptance skills (in relation to unhelpful thoughts) coupled with action towards my values has been a game changer for me to fine-tune how I cope during stressful situations"