Clinical Psychologist, 2020 SA Agrifutures Rural Women’s Award Winner

MPsych (Clin), MAPS

Growing up in suburban Adelaide, farming life definitely wasn’t on Steph’s radar. However, when she was 19, she met her farmer, now husband, while working at The Woolshed (the country pub in the city) and life took a new direction. Fast forward 14 years, Steph now lives at Worlds End, South Australia with her husband and 3 gorgeous boys on their mixed enterprise farm (cropping and sheep). Steph is a Clinical Psychologist, and most recently, was awarded the 2020 SA Agrifutures Rural Women’s Award for her project to develop ACT for Ag. 

In farming and family life, Steph has learnt first-hand just how important it is to be flexible and adaptive to challenging situations. Steph developed Postnatal Depression after the birth of both her first and third sons, and through this, continues to learn the importance of looking after herself to be able to look after those around her, and to be able to live and enjoy her amazing life. 

Steph and her husband bought two properties at the start of 2018 and then were hit with the severest drought on record, giving Steph a first-hand experience of the stress and pressure of drought. Within the farm business, Steph is responsible for managing the finances as well as assisting with extra farm jobs whenever she is able, especially at shearing, seeding, and harvest time. Steph loves spending time on the farm with her husband and sons and enjoys the privilege of being able to work together as a family. Lived experience of the challenges of farming life, managing a relationship, and raising a family, together with her psychological knowledge gives Steph unique insight. Steph is passionate about sharing her learnings and knowledge and has a vision to see a resilient rural Australia which can face the inevitable challenges and thrive in adversity.

The principles of ACT for Ag are introduced in a brief workshop (30 min minimum).  This workshop introduces participants to a simple, yet effective tool to build their flexibility, and adapt and change their behaviours based on their values, even in challenging situations.  Participants also receive a handbook that provides a basic toolkit of skills to build psychological flexibility, building healthy habits, and resources of where to get further help if needed.

In-depth workshops will be available online (4 weekly sessions via zoom), to be held throughout the year.  Alternatively, the in-depth workshops can be delivered for individual groups as a follow up to the introductory workshop. This can be done either in person, or in the weekly zoom format. 


Want ACT for Ag to run directly within your community?


    The ACT for Ag introductory workshop (30-60 minutes) + online follow up course can be run directly in your community or organisation. This can be done either face to face or via zoom depending on location.


    Steph is a vibrant and engaging speaker. As the 2020 SA Agrifuture's Rural Women's Award winner she shares her deeply personal experiences of farming and family life, her journey through Post-Natal Depression (twice), and the steps she has learnt to practice doing what truly matters to her, and to pick herself up no matter how many times she falls.


    As a Clinical Psychologist and trained Prosocial facilitator, Steph is also able to work with businesses, organisations and community groups to become more effective, collaborative and flexible. Steph is committed to combining her lived experience of farming life together with her practical psychological knowledge to help others thrive in adversity.


Find out how Steph can work with you to help your community, organisation and businesses learn to thrive, even in times of adversity.

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